The guiding principles at BMS all lead to strengthening quality and sustainability. How can we ensure that BMS stays strong long into the future? The answer is that our foundation provides this support by:

Investing in our teachers because they are the heart of the school.

Investing in expanding the opportunity for more children to experience Montessori. This is the soul of BMS.

Investing in our space to keep our shiny penny shiny, long into the future. This is our temple.

Our Heart
Our Soul
Our Temple

Mrs. Anita Ercole has been with BMS since the school’s inception in 2010. She began as a Primary Lead teacher. After her second year, she became interested in furthering her education to be an elementary Montessori teacher. BMS supported this ambition to further her career, and Ms. Anita is now the school’s Director of Academic Affairs and Elementary Program Lead Teacher.

Ms. Anita is a stronger teacher having been further trained using funds from the foundation. BMS is a stronger school because of teachers like Ms. Anita.

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